Q-AdsManager is a multifunctional system that can be easily adapted for managing the rental of advertising space for any type and number of physical or digital media.

  • Categorization of advertising space
  • Visualization of ad space availability through the calendar and maps
  • Automated process of offers and orders
  • Specially adapted dashboard
  • Analytical module
  • Advanced system options


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  • Categories

    Define all available position types with their specific period types, promotion channels, standard prices and all advertising production properties.

  • Organization

    Define organization related data, run multiple organizational units and assign them parts of your ad space. Divide your users in teams and track their progress.

  • Rentals

    Rent your ad positions through process of offers and orders. Make ad position reservations for your clients and turn them into rentals when the deal is made.

  • Calendar

    Visualize ad space availability. Use search and filters to easily locate specific available positions. Discover the gaps that should be rented first.

  • Dashboards

    Easily made reports on monthly income, position availability, position usage by organizational unit. Get future trends and tasks at a glance.

  • Analytics

    The analytical system is based on a pivotal approach. Capable of displaying large multidimensional data. Fully customizable presentation of data in tabular and graphic form.

  • System features

    Manage users, roles and types. Attach pictures and files. Define and load initial data.

  • Additional features

    Customize the system to match your business. Make cost-benefit analysis and other advanced analytics. Connect to the existing ERP and CRM systems.

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